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Raziah Geneid

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About Me

Raziah Geneid is a Malaysian businesswoman and the current managing director of the Kumpulan Parabena Sdn. Bhd construction company. She is responsible for developing business strategy and direction for the organisation, as well as leading the management team and helping to develop and procure both new and ongoing projects. Most notably, she has been actively involved in the development of more than 6,000 affordable housing units at the Taman Tunku and Taman Jelita townships, which are located in her home town of Miri, in Sarawak, Malaysia. Her other areas of business expertise include property development, tourism, hotel management and marketing. 

Education and Professional Background

After completing her high school education in Miri, Raziah Geneid went on to study Business at the Institut Technology MARA, Shah Alam, which is one of Malaysia’s leading universities and currently the country’s largest provider of further education, catering for more than 175,000 students. 
She left Kuala Lumpur in 1980 to take up several positions in the construction industry in her home state of Sarawak. She became a licensed Company Secretary in 1994. Her involvement in the construction industry now stretches more than 30 years. Today, she holds a number of senior executive positions for a variety of organisations located throughout Malaysia.

A Varied and Demanding Professional Career

In addition to her work with Kumpulan Parabena Sdn. Bhd, Raziah Geneid is also the chairperson of Kumpulan Construction Sdn. Bhd., where she uses her business expertise to ensure effective operational excellent, whilst also making sure the company conforms to the highest standards of corporate governance. She also works to support and advise the chief executive on matters of development strategy, whilst also helping to effectively promote relationships and communication between executive and non-executive directors. As chairperson, she has been instrumental in overseeing the completion of a number of important construction projects in the province of Sarawak including the development of the Sarawak Outdoor Stadium and the Kampung Senari Kuching Deepwater Port. 
Furthermore, as part of her role as the Executive Chairman of Majupun Sdn. Bhd., Mahmud- Geneid took a big part in the rebranding of the "Rihga Royal Hotel Miri" as "Miri Mariott Resort and Spa", part of the Mariott global hotel chain.
It doesn't seem as though she has spare time left, but nevertheless, Raziah Geneid Mahmud also serves as the Chairman of the first convention center in Borneo, Borneo Convention center Kuching.

The Royal Mulu Resort

Away from her various business roles in the Malaysian construction industry, Raziah Geneid is also an executive director of the Royal Mulu Resort, located in Malaysia’s Gunung Mulu National Park. As part of an initiative in conjunction with the Sarawak Government, she was instrumental in helping to secure UNESCO World Heritage Status for the park, which was the first of its kind in Malaysia when it was officially awarded in 2001. As part of her role with the Royal Mulu Resort, she has also been heavily involved in helping to promote the Gunung Mulu National Park as a destination for eco-tourism.

Personal Profile

Outside of work, Raziah Geneid, (formerly Raziah Mahmud) is happily married to her husband Robert, together they have seven children. Whenever her busy schedule allows, she likes to spend her spare time travelling and exercising. She is also an accomplished singer and dancer. In 2000, Raziah was appointed honorary consul of the Republic of Poland in Kuching, which sees her work to establish social, cultural and economic relations between Poland and the region of Sarawak.